Frequent Customer Discounts

Because we believe in and enjoy long-term working relationships at Aiki-Translations, we offer you a system for lowering costs for larger-scale requirements.


Today's technology allows for the detection of text repetitions and, subsequently, for a reduction in workload to translate those fragments. Discounts for repeated text let you save on all of your projects, whether large or small. We’ll provide you with the corresponding details when you contact us for a quote.

Prior terminology research may be employed via the use of glossaries for frequently-used words in your organization and with translation memories (databases that contain and reuse previously-translated text), this allows us to also offer bulk discounts.


Bulk Discounts

The following table shows bulk discounts, which are applied as the corresponding word counts are reached (i.e. if you send us a 35,000-word text, the first 10,000 words don't receive any discount, but the next 25,000 do):


Word Count


Up to 10,000

No bulk discount

Between 10,001 and 30,000


Between 30,001 and 60,000


Between 60,001 and 100,000


Over 100,001



To calculate these discounts, we factor in your accumulated word count for the 30 calendar days prior to the contracting of the new project.

Get ready!

Contact us for a non-binding estimate regarding the fee for your project and the turnaround time for its completion. Translation projects usually take longer than most people expect them to, just send us an e-mail and relax! You will have more time and all that you need to make a well informed decision.